The Problem

Lack of Affordability

630,000 Canadians currently go without a wheelchair because they cannot afford the average $2500 cost.

Difficult Process

Purchasing a device is frustrating and time-consuming, taking anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months.

Environmental Impact of Discarded Wheelchairs

In London, over 5,000 devices are thrown out annually - a waste of resources and strain on the environment.

Our Solution



We accept donations of gently-used mobility devices from individuals and institutions in our community, reducing environmental impact and freeing up valuable space. 



We developed a comprehensive upcycling process in partnership with Goodwill. We clean each device thoroughly, ensure all parts work, and replace the seat and grips so every device is perfect.

Sell & Donate


Devices can be purchased online or over the phone for 20x less than retail pricing. Additionally, passionate community members are able to sponsor a device, which we will donate to an individual in need.

Our Team

RollUP was founded in 2017 by students at Western University, and continues to be operated by dedicated and passionate members of the Enactus Western University team - proving that students taking entrepreneurial action for others really does create a better world for us all.